Happy Friday! {and a giveaway winner}

Today is a very happy Friday indeed: I am now almost done with my thesis, my committee gave me minimal edits to do, and all I have left is the introduction, which will only be about 5-10 pages long -- nothing compared to the 54 pages I wrote in the past few weeks. Hopefully I should have that done by Monday. Master's degree in English Literature, here I come!!!

In other happy news, I got the score report for my AP English Language students, aaaand 15/26 passed. That's over 50%! This is the highest passage rate I've ever had for a class. I'm very proud of their hard work.

Okay, so let's get on to what you really want to know from this post -- the Twilight t-shirt giveaway winner. I selected the winner using an online random generator, and the lucky number that turned up was:

And the reader with the 11th entry comment was:

Congrats,  Brittany! I'll be in touch soon to get your mailing address. I love the shirt you chose. ;)

Thanks to all my readers who entered this giveaway and stay tuned for next month's giveaway. If would like to sponsor a giveaway, let me know, as I'm always looking to promote small businesses.

Before I close, here are my answers to Lauren's fill in the blank for this week. Haven't done this in a awhile!

1.  My favorite thing about this week has been  seeing all my hard work pay off.

2.  The weather this week has been disgustingly hot and humid. Why do I live in Miami again?! Sigh.

3.  The last (interesting) item I received in the mail was  a laser toy I bought for my cats on Diana's recommendation: the Frolicat.

4.  The last movie I saw was  "For a Few Dollars More." Ricky and I have been into old westerns lately, what can I say.

5.  If I could be doing anything I felt like today I would  be lying on a hammock on a deserted island somewhere with nobody but my boyf.

6.  As a teenager I was  riddled with insecurity and uncertain about my future. I'm happy to know that confidence comes with experience .

7.  I wish I could trade lives for the day with   J.K. Rowling. She's one of my favorite authors and I admire her discipline as a writer so, so much.

Are you doing anything awesome this weekend? I just plan on doing some reading, writing, and relaxing. I'm also excited for Sunday's final soccer match -- I'm rooting for Spain, but of course. ;-D


2 comment(s):

Claire Kiefer said...

Re: JK Rowling. I know, right? It's kind of amazing to see writers who really make a living out of just WRITING. I can't even imagine that.

Diana said...

I'm such a baby when it comes to heat. Anytime there is a day over 70, I flip out and complain like a kid. I can't imagine what Miami is like. To think Summer isn't over, either!