So yesterday I came home feeling like complete and utter crap. I thought it was because it was "my lady time," but when I lay down on my bed to rest a spell, and the complete and utter crap feelings weren't going away but rather intensifying, I knew it had to be something else.

Turns out I have a flu. Or something. I don't know. It began yesterday afternoon with a bad headache, then pains in my joints (mostly my knees and lower back) and bad chills, then a bad stomachache, so bad I was actually sick to my stomach (and I hate being sick to my stomach, blech!). Today the stomach and joint pains are mostly gone, but I've still got the headache plus some congestion now.  Plus I'm weak -- like really, really weak. Newborn kitten weak.

I stayed home from work today, staying all day in bed reading. I began reading Hush, Hush today and finished it in a couple of hours -- I was so hooked on the story, it almost made me forget how sick I felt. And then I had a visitor come visit me in my bed, which also made me feel better.

Whatever the flip this is, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I already called in sick for tomorrow, but I really hope I'm better by Friday. I can't remember feeling this sick in a whiiiiiile. So if I don't blog that often in the next few days, you know why.


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Kim @citygirlinak said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm sorry you're sick, it sounds awful. Lots of fluids and lots of reading should make you feel better. ;)

Rachelle said...

Awww *huggles* feel better soon!! My mom had that last month, just totally wiped out weak but never extremely sick. Took her about a weak to recover to the point that she could last for the whole day again.

Praying it doesn't take long til you're back and bouncing around :D

PS. I'll forgive you if you don't do the Snoopy Dance for this comment!

Diana said...

I'm so sorry, i hope you get the rest you need.


chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness i am so sorry!!
being sick is the worst! especially in the spring when everyone else seems to be outside.
i hope you get better soon and are able to catch up on some reading and maybe have a movie marathon!!

Vanessa said...

Oh yuck! Feel better lovely!

Pria said...

I hope you feel better soon ..sending you some bloggy love and hugs !!

Emma Jade said...

aww get better soon hun! flu is the worst!

Unknown said...

Aw, thanks, guys! *virtual hug* (because a virtual hug can't give you the flu cooties, right? :p)