Week in Review

I can't believe how fast my spring break week went... So much happened -- I went to a wedding, nommed on some pretty spectacular cupcakes and cheeseburgers, celebrated a friend's birthday, and attended a teacher's rally against SB6. And best of all, I finally got my thesis back on track! I found a new committee leader and now hope to finish the first draft of my thesis by June 1st. That has been worrying me for so long, and it's just such a relief to know that it is possible and can be accomplished.

Something else good that happened? I scored this sweet new blog layout from Rainy Day Templates! Thanks so much, Ellie, for creating my layout so quickly and being such a pleasure to work with -- it's exactly what I wanted. :-)

After seeing the results of my week-long poll on whether I should keep or kill the Lolcat feature, I learned that 90% of my readers want me most definitely to keep it, so I will, at least for now. But I may have other new features hidden up my sleeve... Stay tuned!

Here are some of my posts from this week that you may have missed:

I hope you have a blessed Easter Sunday with your loved ones! :-)

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Painting It Bright Pink said...

I LOOOOVVVEEE the new layout x's 100! it's totally you. I need one of these!