Happy Easter Weekend!

And just like that, my spring break week is over. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. At least I still have the weekend! And it's Easter weekend, to boot. I don't have anything special planned, really, other than my friend Jeannette's birthday party tomorrow. I still need to buy her gift and scrounge up something cute to wear... I saw a Liberty of London top at Target that might do the trick. Hm, I should get on that.

Tonight, Ricky and I might go see "The Clash of the Titans." I'm a fan of the original because it reminds me of my childhood (I is an old lady), but I'm hoping this new version will be just as good if not better.

As for Easter Sunday, I've got no big plans at all, other than perhaps preparing lesson plans and maybe doing some more research for my thesis. I finished my second draft of my first chapter last night (I've outlined to complete 3 chapters). It finally looks like it's coming together, and should all go well, I will be graduating in Fall 2010. *crosses fingers, eyes, toes, etc.*

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I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! :-)

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