It's giveaway time! {jessicaNdesigns}

Jessica, the lovely lady behind My TwiLife and jessicaNdesigns, is graciously offering any one of the pieces in her store priced $25 and under. Here are some of my favorites:

What's great about her necklaces is that you can customize them with the initials of your choice, which makes them a wonderful idea for presents and commemorating anniversaries and weddings. You can see all of Jessica's designs in her etsy store.

Want to win your own custom designed necklace? You've got four chances at winning.

1.) Choose a necklace priced $25 and under.
2.) Follow my blog and twitter.
3.) Follow Jessica's blog and twitter.
4.) Blog or tweet about this giveaway.

I will announce the winner on Tuesday of next week. Good luck! :-)

Edit: Just to clarify, you can enter a total of four (4) times by doing all of the four items listed above. Feel free to let me know if you've done them all in one comment, as some readers have done below, or you can comment four times if you like. :) I will still count it as four entries. Oh, and don't forget to include your email address!


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tamara said...

I love the Key to My Heart necklace!

tamara said...

I already follow your blog and twitter.

Hannahkin said...

aaah! love this :)

1) my favey is the simple hope necklace. really gorgeous, but in an understated way :)
2) i follow your blog and your twitter ;)
3) i now follow Jessica's blog and twitter!
4) just tweeted about it!

so awesome, Annie! :)

Jeanette said...

1.) I love the "key to my heart" necklace.
2.) I follow your blog and twitter
3.) I follow Jessica's blog and twitter
4.) I will add this to my Best of Week post

Jennie Smith said...

Love birds love birds love birds.

Jennie Smith said...

love birds love birds love birds, again...

Jennie Smith said...

I want love birds...

Brittany said...

Ana! Love the new layout!!!!! :))

1)Simple Hope Necklace
2)I've already been following your Twitter/Blog for ages! [even ... well mostly the early stages of The Danger Magnet as well!]
3)I follow them!
4) I re-tweeted your tweet you posted about the giveaway! :))

.adri. said...

LOVE the Key to My Heart necklace! LOVE!

2) I already do (;
3) Just did!
4) Just tweeted about it :D

How Exciting!!!! It would be so cool if I won, being that the only thing I have EVER won was a book on differentiated instruction at a reading workshop... FUN! lol!

Cristin said...

1. Key to my heart or love birds...I can't decide!

2. I commented and followed!



Pria said...

I love the sweetheart necklace and the love necklace too ..

Pria said...

I am a new follower and i am followin u on twitter too !!

Pria said...

i am following Jessica's blog and on twitter too

Pria said...

i tweeted abt the giveaway too !!

Pria said...

oops email id ..

Leigh said...

my favorite is the simply hope necklace!


Cole said...

A) I love Jessica's work and she just won the giveaway on my blog last week!
B )If I won I would get the simple love necklace
C) I follow your blog & twitter and Jessica's blog & twitter
D) I tweeted!
E) Obviously I hope I win :)

Unknown said...

1) The Key to my Heart is my favorite.
2) I'm following your blog (shel) and on Twitter (auntiethesis)
3) I'm following Jessica's blog (shel) and on Twitter (auntiethesis)
4) Tweeted:

chelsea rebecca said...

i follow your most wonderful blog and i follow you on twitter!!

chelsea rebecca said...

and i love love love the love birds necklace! its so cute!
crossing my fingers!!

Marissa/Rory said...

I absolutely LOVE the Key to My Heart necklace.
1. I already follow your twitter and blog =)
2. I now follow Jessica's twitter and blog =)
3. I've tweeted about it =)
And you already have my email, but I'll type it again, just in case...
I really have to update that email... *headdesk*

Vanessa said...

That key to my heart necklace is gorgeous. I am pretty sure I need it in my life.

I follow your blog. And your twitter!
I just started following her blog and twitter!
I just tweeted!

Raquel Gonzalez said...

I did everything like i said ^^
i follow you on everything O.o
( creepy kinda )
i realllllyyyyyyyy like the SweetHeart one.
Heres my email.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I like the love birds necklace...
I follow you on blogger and twitter. and I followed jessica on twitter and her blog as well..

Anonymous said...

1. love birds necklace
2. I do :)
3. yup yup :)
4. Just did! :D!!!!

Email address:

I hope I win :D!