Happy Friday!

Hey, you got two posts in one day from me, you lucky readers, you. (In case you missed it, I posted the new trailer for "Eclipse." You're welcome.)

I went back to work today after the flu from hell. I went to sleep last night feeling a bit sick to my stomach still, what with the food orgy I had yesterday afternoon when I mistakenly thought I was all cured, but I woke up a lot better. Not 100% myself, but better. To be on the safe side, I didn't eat much for lunch today -- just a cheese stick, one of those peel-away ones that are so fun to eat [ETA: I meant string cheese. Hello -- how could I forget that?! Thanks, Hanny!], and a jello cup. In hindsight, maybe that wasn't such a great idea, because I came home STARVING. Still, I will try to keep myself in check this weekend and not overdo the eating like I did yesterday. Indigestion = no fun.

For this weekend, I have planned a whole lot of nothing and that is A-okay with me. I just want to sleep. Is that so wrong?

Today's fill-in-the-blank fun is all about music, yay!  If you want to play along, make sure to link back to Lauren

1.  One song that always takes me back to my youth is  "Chiquitica" by ABBA.

2.  My first concert ever was   some concert a local radio station (Y-100) was giving to promote local artists. It was the mid 1990's and I was still in high school, and needless to say, it wasn't very memorable -- I can't even remember one artist .

3.  If I could create my dream music festival I'd want these bands to be there:   U2, Bjork, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Interpol, The New Pornographers, REM,  Grizzly Bear, The Cure, The Beatles (hey, it's a dream, right? :D) .

4.  The best make-out/"boot knocking" song ever is  anything Brazilian -- that country produces the sexiest music, hands down .

5.  The best concert I've ever been to was   U2, during their tour for the album All That You Can't Leave Behind. They played an awesome mix of new and old music and oh, it was just wonderful. I still get chills, remembering that show.

6.  A memorable musical moment for me was  seeing my favorite band U2 perform on TV for the first time. The song was "New Year's Day" and although I was a wee little slip of a girl at the time, I knew Bono was the man for me.

7. The song on my iPod that's getting the most play these days is "World Sick" by Broken Social Scene

picture via we heart it

Wow, practically all my answers were about U2... I guess you know who my favorite band is, huh? ;) So I'm curious -- who's your favorite band? Let me know in the comments and have yourself a great weekend!


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Kamika said...

FOund u via "Little Things" I <3 U2 as well! :) Have a great day!

Diana said...

I don't have one favorite band but right now I love Zwan.

I remember seeing BSS years ago and there were like 12 people in the band, one of them being Feist! Crazy!

nsiyer said...


Vanessa said...

I'd LOOOOVE to see the Beatles. & the Cure? Love it!!