Happy April Fool's Day!

I cannot believe how fast March went! Now that it's April 1st, I'm actually scared to visit any blogs because of April Fool's Day. I almost got fooled into thinking Google was changing its name:

Yeah, that's not going to happen... Right?! ;)

I confess that I was thinking of playing a trick on you, my bloggy readers, but I decided not to. Still not sure if I'm going to fool my boyf. But he'd probably see it coming, so maybe I'd better not.

Have a great April Fool's Day! Did you manage to trick anyone today? Share your stories in the comments. :-)

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AmyK said...

Hubby and I had to make a deal not to try to trick each other today--'cause he's waaaayyy better at it than I am and it's just not fair!

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Not so much a trick, but I decided to straighten my hair last night just to psych people out; folks aren't used to seeing this pianist with crazy-straight hair and some side-bang action (I've had bangs since I've had any significant amount of hair, so any ability to see a significant amount of my forehead is a shocker to most people). I've straightened my hair before, but this looked especially nice, it was pretty neat! (I was also liking the ability to let my hair fall veil-like over my left eye ^^)

Malia said...

We tricked the kids at school telling them there would be an hour and a half fire drill.

They weren't too happy, but we had fun :)

S and O said...

hahaha I just died laughing when I saw what google had done this morning! Aren't they hilarious???

Happy April fools!


Vanessa said...

Crazy google. I did not play jokes, because I hate when people play jokes on me. I'm a downer and I'm okay with that. Haha. 8)

.adri. said...

OMG! So that's what it was! lol! I was like "wtf?!" when I went to google... didn't even think about it! lol!!!!!!!!!