Do you Tumblr?

Do you have a Tumblr? I've been blogging on Tumblr for some time now, mostly posting (and reblogging) pictures, videos, songs and other things that catch my fancy. Lately I've been posting "spam" on a particular theme -- my latest one is retro ads, like the one for Silly Putty that you see below.

If you have a Tumblr, let me know in the comments so I can follow you! You can see my Tumblr here.


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Jenny☮ said...

I read your comment about scarves, and remembered this awesome tutorial:

Hope you haven't already seen it. :) It's pretty awesome.

Brittany said...

Hey Annie!!!!!
I haven't talked to you in the longest time!!!! How are you? I miss when we used to talk about Twilight all the time, etc. haha! (I wonder how Robyn is btw) Anyways ... I hope all is well & I'm very jealous of your mini-trip :) ... I have a Tumblr blog & it's

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