Week in Review

I haven't done one of these posts in a while! I guess the start of the new school year has been keeping me busy. This week I was certainly occupied with writing lesson plans, creating seating charts, and perfecting my classroom management skills. There are already some students I know will be keeping me on my toes this year -- I can just tell. I think the fact that I learned their names on the very first day is very telling. ;)

When I wasn't keeping my kidlets in order this week, I was (finally!) finishing Mockingjay, which I adored. I was also going shopping for groceries with le boyf, which I always adore. There's just something fun about going grocery shopping, especially when it's at Target. (Even though I invariably end up buying more than just groceries.) This week I also finished organizing my closet and throwing out a ton of worn out shoes I never wear anymore, plus bagging up some of my clothing which I also no longer wear to donate to the Veterans' Association in my city.

I feel so much better now that my closet is decent again. I cleared up a ton of new space should the urge to buy new clothes and shoes arise. Which no doubt it will soon, what with Fall beginning to take over clothing stores.

Here are my posts from earlier this week in case you missed any:


What did you do this week?


2 comment(s):

.adri. said...

oh man, I have more than just a few that I will be keeping my eye on... I've alreadt had several problems too :(

Jenny☮ said...

I bought new clothes and shoes yesterday! Yay! Will be cleaning out my closet tomorrow!