Happy Friday!

Friday, you have never been more appreciated than you are right now. I don't know if it was because of the long weekend, or what, but my freshmen today were like little devils. I had to stay on top of them ALL DAY. And now I am beat and sadly in need of caffeine. And a nap. And a back rub.

For now, I'm going to jump in the shower and get ready for my salon appointment. I'm going with a friend to get our hair and nails "did," which is an excellent way to celebrate the fact that the weekend is here. I am doubly happy that it is the start of a looong weekend. I need the break! Ricky and I were thinking of going out of town this weekend, maybe to Orlando, but honestly, I don't care if we leave or stay home. So long as I can rest.

As luck would have it, Lauren's fill in the blank for this week happens to be travel themed! Make sure to link back to her if you want to play along. Here are my answers...

1.  If I didn't have to work anymore I would  sleep in every day, roll out of bed and spend all day writing short stories and poems. In my pajamas, natch. On the days I wouldn't feel like writing, I would explore Miami because I often feel I don't know my own city enough.

2.  My favorite thing about a vacation is  being on my OWN time -- not having to worry about work or responsibilities.

3.  When packing for a trip I  tend to overdo it ... A LOT. It drives my boyfriend nuts, I'm sure.

4.  If I could go on a road trip with anyone (dead OR alive) I would choose  my boyfriend, Ricky, every time. Not just because he's my ever-loving soul mate, but because the boy could find his way out of a tornado, he's that good a navigator.

5.  My top 3 absolute travel essentials are   a comfortable pair of jeans, a comfortable pair of shoes, and good reading material for any downtime spent on planes, trains, or just hanging out in the hotel.

6.  Vacations are  little snatches of paradise in an otherwise humdrum working life.

7.  On vacation you must always  be prepared for the unexpected, and take everything in stride. I find it's best to be positive when you're on vacation, because this is your time to RELAX.

Are you doing anything awesome this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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danielle and dinosaur toes said...

okay, i had this long comment typed out, and blogger erased it all. grrrrrr!!!!!

anyway, let me try again. i remember being bad in school when i knew we had a break, so i'm sure your brats, i mean students, were doing the same thing.

i can pretty much relate to all of your fill in the blank answers except these: going on a roadtrip with ricky. i don't know him so i imagine it would be weird. and the part about him being a good navigator. chris has THE worst sense of direction, and he would have us in canada on our way to florida if i wasn't there to read the map for him!

i hope you have a good and relaxing weekend, and i hope blogger publishes my comment this time!

Claire Kiefer said...

I couldn't agree more about the three day weekend--couldn't care less if I do nothing at all, that's how excited I am to have a long weekend and, frankly, a Monday away from my monsters (mine have given me a run for my money this week, too!).

Re: nails--FUN! Hope your weekend is blissful and LONG. :)