Week in Review

This week hasn't been particularly active in the blogging department. Apologies! It's been a busy week for me. On Tuesday, I had Open House at night at my school from 6:30-9:15 pm. I got to meet my students' parents and discuss my class expectations with them. Many more parents showed up than I expected, which is nice. It's wonderful to see parents involved in their children's education -- this isn't something you see a lot as a high school teacher, sad to say.

As tiring as Tuesday was, having to work a full day then come back to school at night, the rest of the week felt like a marathon, too. When I wasn't shaping young peoples' minds, I was helping my fellow teachers plan for our Hispanic Luncheon, which will be held this week. On Thursday, I went to FIU (my university) right after work to discuss some final thesis edits with one of my committee members. We also scheduled my thesis defense -- October 19th, a Tuesday, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. (EEEEK!) Seriously, though, it's exciting to know I'll be graduating soon.

On Friday after school, I went with my co-worker/good friend for our biweekly salon appointment. I went crazy and decided to paint my nails blue. I'm still undecided about them. On Saturday I worked all day grading my students' assignments. I've got to admit, it's a lot easier keeping up with the grading this year now that I no longer teach AP English Language (the numbers were too low this year due to dual enrollment). While I miss teaching the course, I definitely don't miss lugging home all those essays every week!

Today I'm going to work on my final thesis edits and maybe go grocery shopping with the boyf. I'm also going to try and finish reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. My rereading of the series has been delayed by my work and thesis responsibilities, but I'm excited to dive back into it, especially since they're going to be releasing another film trailer this Wednesday for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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Before I close, I want to share something I learned today, something that has me VERY upset. The book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson has been getting some unfair negative attention lately due to this man named Wesley Scroggins who is advocating for the banning of this book. He claims the book is pornographic, when it is NOT, and he wants to ban it from classrooms.

As a woman, a writer, and a teacher, I am fuming about this. The best part of it all is that Mr. Scroggins apparently did not read the book, because his claims have no merit. I have read the book and I can tell you, there are no sexually explicit scenes in the book at all. I figure, if you're going to push for the banning of a particular book, at least READ THE DAMN BOOK. Don't just go by the blurb on the back cover and create something out of nothing.

Please read the author's recent blog post on this, and I encourage you to watch the video at the end of Anderson's post, too. It will make you appreciate the book -- and our freedom of speech, granted to us in the Constitution -- even more.

 Have you read Speak? What are your thoughts on its attempted banning? Share your thoughts in the comments!