Week in Review

Like I posted on Friday, this has been a busy week, work- and school-wise. It's been nice just relaxing this weekend. I did not open my work bag all day Saturday, just spending time during the day dithering on the interwebs and then getting together with Ricky at night for dinner and a movie.

I slept over his place last night and woke up at 11 AM this morning positively starving. But I could find nothing edible in his house other than a few stale Triscuits. Happily, Ricky unearthed a package of frozen hampao when he (finally) woke up, and he steam-cooked one for me. Reader, if you have never had a hampao before, it is a steam-cooked pork bun made of pillow-soft bread. And the one Ricky made me today was better than any I've had in a restaurant. No lie. And this from a frozen hampao. The brand is called O'Tasty, and you know, it was o-tasty. It really was.

Well, I think I somewhat redeemed myself in the blogging department by posting four entries in two days. Here are all of this week's posts in case you missed any:
And I'm off to go make myself another hampao. Here is what hampao look like, in case you are curious:

Hope you are having a delicious Sunday! :-)


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