Have you ever had one of those days when you're just ON? Everything out of your mouth is the wittiest thing ever, people left and right are congratulating you for your awesomeness, and all you need is for the red carpet to unfurl before you as you sashay your fabulous way through the world. You are just ON fire, and everyone knows it. Including you.

Sounds wonderful, right? We've all had those days, right? Yeah, well, today I'm definitely OFF. Everything out of my mouth today has sounded convoluted and stupid even to my own ears, people left and right must have been wondering what is wrong with me, and all I need is for the world to stop and let me get OFF because I'm having ... well, an OFF day. And I'm sure everyone knows it. I definitely do.

At least tomorrow is a teacher planning day -- no students, just me in my classroom grading papers as I listen to my iPod and revel in my teacher downtime, which is not something we get a lot as teachers.

Here's hoping tomorrow is an ON day.

Cheer me up with a comment, would ya?
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Claire Kiefer said...

I can't believe that y'all have a teacher work day on a Thursday! I'm envying you now for sure. Sorry about the off day--I had one of those (in a major way) last week . . . the good news is that it was over the next day!

Diana said...

Oh, yes, i hear ya. I wish everyday i was on my toes and ready for the world, other day i'm just ready to crawl back in bed, too.

not exactly "Saint" Michael said...

Ha, snoopy dance eh? I just found ur blogyness thanks to Annah with here Red Means Go blog. I think I like you, so I'll follow. I know exactly what you mean. Here's an interesting trend I've noticed. I can be on or off with certain ppl but the first impression sticks. Whenever I see that person, I go back to whatever I was when we first met. Sucks and is good, lol. But I seem to be on with the most interesting ppl at least so win overall...

Vanessa said...

Oh dear, we all have those days and they suck! I hope you are having a on day today! <3