Week in Review {HAPPY HALLOWEEN!}

Happy Halloween, bloggy readers!

What are you doing to celebrate All Hallow's Eve? I'm staying in and relaxing after a busy day spent grading and lesson planning. We didn't have any big plans this year since Ricky has an important case coming up in court next week and I had all this last-minute grading to do. But last night we watched this scary movie called The Evil Dead that is pretty much nightmare-inducing. If we hadn't followed that up with Jurassic Park 2, I don't think I would have slept well last night!

The rest of my weekend has been pretty chill. I needed it after that hellish work week! Not that anything particularly bad happened at work or anything, it was just a mountain of little annoyances that kept piling up. Which made me REALLY appreciate my weekend.

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Ricky & me last year on Halloween.
Hope you're having a safe & happy Halloween! :-D

2 comment(s):

Jenny☮ said...

Happy Halloween.
It appears we spent our Halloween the same way. It was kind of relaxing. :)

.adri. said...

Ricky is so serious in that photo! ha ha ha! :o)