Week in Review

This is going to be a very short but sweet Week in Review post. I have my thesis defense on Tuesday and I have been busy making last-minute changes and preparing myself mentally for the kinds of questions my committee will probably ask me.

I still have to make the changes the graduate office recommended I make on my thesis -- I got it back from them last week with their penciled in corrections and suggestions, and happily, they weren't as numerous as I'd feared they'd be. But they do seem to hold an unusual prejudice against the word "this" -- the word is circled practically every time I use it in my manuscript. I guess they want me to replace it with another word, to try and vary the sentence structure up a bit and make it more specific, but still... "This" is a pretty common word! Brian Eno even has an amazing song with that word as its very title.

If any of my readers have gone through a thesis defense before, especially in English Literature, please get in touch with me! I am sick to my stomach with fear curious about the process.

When I wasn't freaking out over my impending thesis defense this week, I was grading papers, hanging out with Ricky, reading some more Harry Potter (finished Order of the Phoenix and now I'm well into Half-Blood Prince), going to see a friend perform in a community theater production of "Guys and Dolls," and visiting some friends of ours in West Palm Beach. I truthfully don't know where last week went -- it was a frenzied, crazy-fast week.

Here are my blog posts from earlier this week in case you missed any:
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 Okay, now that you've had the short of it, here's the sweet:

Tell me that's not the cutest thing you've ever seen... Right? Well, I hope you have yourself a great Sunday. :-) 

P.S.) I apologize for the lack of blog comments lately -- I haven't had much time to visit your lovely blogs, but I promise that will all change after Tuesday! 


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angelina la dawn said...

ah grad school. i have no advice to give as i'm not even in it, but my husband is getting his masters in english lit right now, so i can sympathize!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

yeah, i wouldn't want to trade places! in a way i wish i could have gone to grad school, but then again, i'm glad i was too broke!

good luck, although i'm sure you'll do fine without any extra luck!

Claire Kiefer said...

goodness GRACIOUS that baby pig is the cutest thing in the world! Best of luck on your defense, although I am certain you will be fine. :) I did a masters thesis in creative writing, though I didn't have to do a defense (thank God)--just get all three advisors to sign off on it. Way easier. ;) You're gonna be great! What's it about???