Project 365: Emergency Froyo!

Don't you hate when your day starts off great -- you're running late but you get to work on time anyway, you're having a good hair day even though you barely had a chance to run your comb through it, you really like your outfit, and everyone's smiling and nice to you, but then just one little annoying thing happens and it sours the rest of your entire day?

Welcome to my day. Everything I mentioned above was true of my morning. But then one of my students (yes, from my hellish 4th period class) decided to mouth off to me after I took away his cell phone, and that was that. I made his mom come in to the office to pick up the cell phone, and I used the opportunity to inform her that her son was failing. Oh, and he tried to blame his failing ON ME because -- get this -- he thinks he should be excused from all the work he missed when he absent due to an outdoor suspension. Apparently I'm supposed to award outdoor suspensions with A's. Who knew?

So basically he's a real class act, that kid.

What hurts is that I've tried to look past the tough attitude, that hard outer shell, ignoring the other teachers who said he was a "punk" or "unmanageable, "impossible to teach." I'd never had any real problems with him before today. And it just crushes me, when I think I can be the one teacher who makes a difference, only to have something like this happen. It's so upsetting.

It ruined the rest of my day. I tried to put on a brave face for my 6th and 8th period classes, but I know my tone was off. I wasn't my usual chipper self. Hence the emergency froyo run my ever-loving boyf took me on after work. We went to Menchie's, where I proceeded to have a chocolate-vanilla-peanut-butter explosion of a froyo. He had a tart and fruit-filled concoction (he's not so much into chocolate and peanut butter, alas). Needless to say, the emergency froyo really helped! Nothing like a little sugar to sweeten an otherwise sour day.

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Vanessa said...

I hate when days are going well and it only takes one person to bring it all down. I'm sorry about your day but I'm glad you had froyo to fix it up! Even though I'm extremely jealous still. And choco and PB is one of the most perfect couples. Ever.