Project 365: Favorite

Do you have a favorite accessory that you can't leave the house without, something you feel naked without? For me, it's this pair of earrings I got from Fossil last year. I lurve them. I will even coordinate outfits around them.

Oh yeah. I've got it bad.


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Hannahkin said...

wowee! those are beautiful, Annie!

i don't have a specific accessory that i can't leave home without - unless my glasses count - but i absolutely hate going out without earrings on. i'm building up a huge collection and they're definitely one of my favourite ways to express myself! and i also find myself co-ordinating outfits based on what earrings i'm wearing, hee hee... i don't think i'll ever regret getting my ears pierced :)

i DO, however, always wear: a) my thumb ring that says "Grace", an extremely special gift from my sister; and b) a very simple silver chain around my neck. it has two charms on it, one which says "LAUGH" and one which says "LOVE"... things i like to remember to do every day. it seems i go for jewellery with words on it... i'm so wordy! :)

i can't stress how beautiful those earrings are though :P

kate gabrielle said...

They're gorgeous!

Claire Kiefer said...

I like bit dangling bold semi-obnoxious over-the-top earrings. :) I don't have one particular pair that I'm attached to (although I do have some favorites), but I HATE leaving the house without earrings. It happened twice this past week (cause I was so exhausted, woke up late, and ran out of the house incomplete!) and I felt totally uncomfortable all day. Earrings are essential! I even put in studs to go to yoga this morning, ha.

Anonymous said...

yay to another educator! i just saw your blog on adri's. i don't have a particular accessory that i don't leave the house with, but a watch and earrings are must haves.

Nathalie Anderson said...

Great blogg you have