Project 365: Overdose of Cuteness

I was flipping through the latest issue of National Geographic when I came across this little guy:

Please tell me that is not the most adorable thing you have ever seen. I literally could not look away from the page, I was so overwhelmed by his cuteness. This overdose of cuteness is exactly what my humdrum Monday needed.

P.S.) I finally got around to seeing "Black Swan" last night with Ricky. If I had to describe this film in three words, they would be: beautiful, disturbing, and unsettling. Yes, I know Natalie Portman received a SAG award last night for this film. Yes, I know she's also nominated for an Oscar. She deserves them both -- here's hoping she gets the latter, too! (I'll be posting an extended review of the film sometime later this week. I'm still letting it digest.)


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angelina la dawn said...

so adorable! and i really want to see black swan. i think i'm the only one who hasn't yet!