Have you ever gotten a mixtape? Or am I just an old granny who still remembers what the initials VHS mean and who Duran Duran are?

Wait, on second thought, don't answer that second question.

Seriously, though, I miss getting (and making!) mixtapes. When I was in high school and college, it was a big deal if a boy made you one. It meant he liked you. Usually. It all depended on what songs he included on your tape.

I have received a few mixtapes in my time. :) I've also made some, both for my own enjoyment and for friends, and yes, even a boy or two may have received a mixtape from me.

So I was thinking that maybe this year, for Valentine's Day, I'd make the boyf a mixtape. Only it would be a mixCD because neither one of us owns a cassette recorder/player. It's a low-budget gift, I know, but times are tough and my wallet has nothing in it. Except moths, maybe.

I think at least this is a gift that shows I care, that I put some thought into it, instead of just buying whatever from wherever.

I don't know, what do you think? And do you have any song recommendations? Let me know in a comment! :)

The happy couple! This pic was taken on my 30th birthday in October '08.

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Marc said...

I've made my girlfriend a few mix CDs - there are so many songs that express my feelings better than I ever could. I suppose it's cheating a bit, but I usually write her a poem to go with it.

Um, song recommendations? Depends what you like, but one of 'our' songs is Better Together by Jack Johnson.

Hannahkin said...

oh, wow! just to let you know, until i was 11, my family had a dinosaur for a car, and it only had a cassette player. i became quite the mixer of tapes, recording songs from the radio and songs from my favourite CDs... it was almost an art :) i would play them so much that they would go all wonky! good times. also, i am a believer in VHS - we got in early on the DVD game, when people still wanted VHS players, so we have a dual VHS and DVD player! it rocks, since we can't record to DVD on our machine. i tape shows that we don't get on our machine - which has no cable - at my friend's house, and then watch them in the comfort of my home with NO adverts! *sigh* so, no, you are NOT just an old lady who knows what a Video Home System is :)

onto the coolness part! i think a mixCD is a great idea! what kind of music does the boyf like? i'll comment again with a few suggestions when i've had some time to think about it :)

Hannahkin said...

and what's the rockstar commenters thingy about? AWESOME! whatever it is, thank you - i love commenting :)

Unknown said...

@ Marc - I have some songs in mind, but I always like learning about new bands and surprising Ricky with them. I'll check out this Jack Johnson, never heard of him. :)

@ Hannahkins - the Rockstar Commenter thing keeps track of who comments and how many. It's the Top Commenters list.