Girls' Night Out

Last Saturday, the boyf went out to a bachelor party to celebrate our friend T's upcoming wedding. I had a good time puttering around the house in my pajamas with my cat, watching TV, writing, doing nothing at all.

But tonight, it's the girls' turn! I'm going to the bachelorette party for S. We will have drinks and dinner while our boys stay at T's house playing video games and drinking beer, or whatever it is boys do when left behind.

I have no idea what to wear, though... I'm going to go rummage in my closet now in the hopes that I find something.

Last night, the boyf and I went to see "Coraline." It was breathtaking, just beautiful and perfectly adapted from the book. We had the choice of seeing it 3-D or not, and we opted for the former. It was so worth it!!! Even though the plastic glasses left a funny mark on the bridge of my nose that lasted an hour, it was worth it.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

(Picture by Marguerite Sauvage)

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Ann Marie said...

Pj's and snuggling with my kitty sounds good....

Glad you get to have a girls night!
I'm going tonight with my girlfriend to see a new chick flick..With Barrymore and Aniston.. I can't remember the title...

Have fun, and thanks for the review! I'm DYING over the pink? house I saw on the preview.. My victorian style! Loved it!