To be a spoiler-bunny or not to be a spoiler-bunny? That is the question...

So as some of you may or may not know (or care), I host a Twilight fan-site called The Danger Magnet. When I first started that blog, it was a way to connect with other fans of the series and communally squee over the latest news regarding the film and cast members.

Before "Twilight" premiered in theaters last December, I used to scour other Twilight sites looking for news. Occasionally, I would find a spoiler -- an interview giving top-secret deets about the film or even clips from the film itself. I confess to often posting these spoileriffic items myself before "Twilight" came out. However, by the time I finally saw the film in the theater, I felt like I'd already seen it. Oh sure, I still squeed with the best of them ... but it wasn't the same. My spoiler-bunny habits had gotten the best of me.

When "New Moon" went into production and the first movie-stills and clips started leaking online a couple of months ago, I vowed not to be such a spoiler-bunny anymore. Instead of only posting news on the film, I began writing book and character discussions, largely inspired by the ones Lauren did. When I realized that many of my readers were "purists" who wanted to "save" themselves for the film, I attempted to walk the same path of purity myself.

And then more movie stills started coming out of "New Moon."

And then the official website for the film was launched.

And now today two new clips from the movie were leaked online.

Again, my spoiler-bunny habits are getting the best of me. I simply can't resist clicking on the links when they are presented to me. My heart races, my palms sweat -- I devour these spoilers like the delicious carrots they are, no matter who dangles them in front of my face.

Le sigh. Maybe I will be more "chaste" by the time they start filming the third Twilight Saga film, "Eclipse."

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6 comment(s):

Betti Gefecht said...

I totally understand! *patting hand*
Going spoiler-free is not for sissies, and we can't all be as unbelievably brave as Cutie.

Spoiler Bunny and proud of it!

Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

First, that has to be one of the cutest bunny pictures I've ever seen!

I know what you mean about the spoilers. I try really hard to avoid the articles with the super top secret stuff in them, or at least skim over those parts. It's especially hard running a Twilight blog and making sure that I know what's going on but not spoil it. Such a tough balance! I feel your pain.

Angela Lynn said...

I love you. Truly truly I do and all your spoiler bunny ways, because they are sofa king cute! This is all.

ApplesnFeathers-Susie said...

I'm a spoiler bunny and mass proud! I can't help it and I can't help turning on the camera and showing my twitarded side to the world as well. I think I looked at your bunny picture for about 10 minutes just saying aww over and over lol.

Anonymous said...

I failed at the no-spoilers thing too. lawl. i watched those clips the moment i saw tweets about them, haha.

i blame twitter :P

Anonymous said...

I've done good not watching all the vids thats been put online. I did watch the trailor when it came out but the rest i've stayed away from.. However i'm more guilty than anything b/c i read the leaked script.. **shakes head and sighs** Sorry.. :(