{Talk Back!} What's in your makeup kit?

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I was recently cleaning out my makeup kit, throwing away old mascaras and blushes and stuff, and I started thinking about what new products I'd like to try.

This got my wheels turning! I thought to myself: wouldn't it be a great idea to turn the question around on YOU, my bloggy readers? I want to know what your favorites are in the following categories:

lip gloss
nail polish

Surely you have some tried and true makeup favorites you'd like to share with me...  I want to know both name brands and shades, if you please! If there is any makeup product you love which you don't see listed above, tell me. :)

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Kim @citygirlinak said...

I need to comment more...srsly, I am such a slacker.

So my favorite make-up item at the moment is Blinc Mascara
A friend sent it to me as a gift (seeing as I don't have a mall to shop at) and it has been the best mascara I have ever had! It doesn't bother my contacts, and it doesn't clump. Absolutely love it!

Unknown said...

Cool! I've been looking for a good mascara that won't bother my contacts, so I will definitely be checking this mascara out. Thanks! :)

Malia said...

Here is my list of expensive loves:
Dior Concealer
Chanel Vitalumier foundation
Chanel glossimer in Spark (the most perfect shade for women with our coloring)
Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Toast (a toasted peach)

On the cheap:
Maybelline Great Lash in Brownish Black - it looks natural instead of jet black. It looks great for the day to day.
Revlon Cream Eye Shadows
Yes to Carrots lip tints
Almay Smart Shades Foundation
NYC Eyebrow Kit (it seriously rivals the 30 dollar ones!)

I could seriously talk about this all day...

Malia said...

oh and I just remembered, on my blog I have a link to a makeup blog I read every day. I love it.

Anonymous said...

i'm not too much of a makeup person - can't be bothered to before school, and that's where i'm usually at. unfortunately, hahah.

but my lip gloss is usually bobbi brown, mac or givenchy. i use lip gloss quite often, if anything. my eyeliner is also usually mac. their products are affordable and pretty good quality for just a student like me.

i should probably start to bother with makeup more, huh? hahah.

JasmenRocha said...

My favorite mascara is from Cover Girl I always pick the one that says very black and water proof. The bottle comes in red and it says "Volume exact" on it. Its been my favorite for the longest... I've tried all of them trust me lol

I don't use foundation... and concealer I think any brand is fine and I always like to get it one or two tones lighter then your skin it brings out the eyes. I've used concealer from Revlon, Clinique... any where.

Eyeshadow... any where

I love liquid eye liner people usually don't because they say hits hard to apply but I love it. I use Prestige eye liner. You can find it in Navarro, Walgreen's....

Lip gloss any where as well... but Victoria Secret actually has nice lip gloss and Mac has beautiful lip sticks!

Nail polish I love to do red or deep reds its my favorite! I also put pinks.... I like any nail polish brand but OPI is really good it dries quik

JasmenRocha said...


this is the mascara... look at the brush... this is the one i use

Unknown said...

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