Tune in Tuesday! {Neko Case}

I first heard of Neko Case thanks to my boyfriend. Every new band I know and love is thanks in large part to my boyfriend, who not only has great musical taste but also happens to have the best luck when it comes to finding great new artists.

So he mentions this awesome new band one day, and they have a really funny name -- they're called The New Pornographers. I am of course dubious as hell. I mean, that is one funny band name, right? But then he plays them for me, and oh my God, I lurve them and need them in my iPod now.

But this week's Tune in Tuesday is not about The New Pornographers. It's about one of the singers in the band, Neko Case. The band is composed of many different singers who have their own projects but come together every so often to play under that ridunkulous moniker, but the one whose voice always stays with me is Neko Case. Her voice is somewhere between the throaty warble of a country singer and the sweetness of a bluebird. She can hit notes that I had no idea existed, and her lyrics will break your heart.

Her song below, "This Tornado Loves You," is probably my all-time favorite song of hers. I hope you enjoy it! Please don't forget to tell me what you are listening to in the comments. :) Oh, and if you want to learn more about Neko Case, visit her official site.

P.S.) It's been a blast coming up with new tunes to share with you every week, but I'm going to put this feature to rest, at least momentarily, because things are getting scary-busy at work. Who knows? This feature just might be revived in a future post, so stay tuned. :)

3 comment(s):

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Thanks for the rec, I always love learning about new music!

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have speakers right now but I'll listen to them next chance I get. Thanks for thinking of me....I love finding new music :).

Anonymous said...

The New Pornographers are awesome. and Neko Case's voice is pretty wonderful, i agree. :D

oh, and finally got around to listening to some of Camera Obscura's other songs thanks to you - loving them!