So I've had this eye twitch since Monday, a little pulse under my right eye. Sometimes it comes and goes, other times it's consistent. Sometimes it comes with a headache, sometimes not. I've never had an eye twitch like this -- normally I have the jumpy kind of spasm that I can actually feel and that is more sporadic (and annoying) in nature. I can't feel this one, so it really wigs me out to look in the mirror and see it there. You can only see it if you're close to it, but still. DO NOT WANT. It makes me nervous every time I see it, like I'm developing a chronic neurological issue or something (hypochondria much?).

When I came home from work today and I still had the darn eye twitch, I decided to google the bad boy to see what might be to blame. And this is what I found:

Causes for eye twitches may include:

  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • caffeine
  • eye strained induced by such activities as computer use

Um, ding times four?! I am four for four on this, people. Proof: 1.) I was stressed out yesterday when I had a minor altercation with a student, which of course messed up my whole day, even after the matter was resolved; 2.) I have not been sleeping that well this week (curse you, Winter Olympics! *shakes angry fist*); 3.) I have been abusing Starbucks; 4.) I have had contact lens issues, and as a result, have been forgoing use of them and squinting instead (because I hate wearing my glasses).

So clearly I know what I need to do -- give up caffeine, sleep more (aka watch less late night Olympics), wear my glasses, and oh yeah, don't freak out if my students misbehave (I'm sure the kids will looooove that last one.).

Speaking of the Winter Olympics, did you guys see the male skaters last night? I may or may not have a crush on the following American skater:

His name is Evan Lysacek and it's a platonic crush, so don't go rushing off to alert the boyf. I was just captivated with his skating last night. He showed so much passion -- you could really tell he was doing this for love of the sport, not for anything else. I hope he wins. Who are you rooting for and what are your favorite sports to watch in the Winter Olympics? I also love snow boarding and speed skating.

Okay, well I'm off to make some chamomile tea and take a nap. Hopefully that will cure my eye twitch. I notice I've gained some new followers -- please don't be shy! Come out and say hello. =)

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Jenny☮ said...

I hate twitches... *sigh*

Anyhoo, so I love all things OLYMPIC. I cannot miss speed skating (mostly cause I have a "platonic crush" on Apolo Ohno. Yeah... ^.^ And I love the snowboarding. One I really like to watch lately is the moguls. In-tense!

BTW, I most srsly suggest you begin reading The Hunger Games. I'm flying past book 2. I'm hooked. And I can't wait to hear what you think. :)

Malia said...

I like the ding times four. haha

I thought he did a fantastic job. It felt like the most passionate skate of the night. There was a real connection and fluidity through the movements. Beautiful. Except I could do without the feathers on the wrist...reminds me a bird.

Vanessa said...

I had issues with an eye twitch the other week. It lasted a few days. I could feel it though, it was on and off, but it sucked! Talk about annoying and people looking at you weird as you try to hold your eye while talking to them. Awesome right? Yeah, no.

I missed the Olympics last night because of homework. No beuno!

Hope your eye is better today!

Melly Mel said...

I like your new layout of your blog! So cute.