These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

Le boyf got the entire Blu-ray set of Planet Earth from his parents this past Christmas, and we've been watching a couple of episodes every week. It's an 11-part series by the Discovery Channel, and the gist of the series is that it gives the viewer an overview of the world's varied and various ecosystems. The American version is narrated by Sigourney Weaver, which I first saw a few episodes of on TV, but the version we have is the British one, which is narrated by David Attenborough. Personally, I prefer Attenborough's narration because his voice is more lively than Sigourney Weaver's. Like he gets all passionate about polar bears, which is awesome because I'm passionate about polar bears. Plus he sounds a little bit like Winnie the Pooh. Don't believe me? Here, give him a listen, but only if you promise to come back now, ya hear? ;)


Oh good, you came back. Some final random thoughts on Planet Earth: my boyf laughs at me because I routinely forget its name and call it something completely different, like "Planet Animal" or his personal favorite, "Animal Planet" (*facepalm*). Also if you do not like seeing animals hurting each other and generally being, well -- animals -- don't watch this show.
I wasn't always a tea drinker. This is a recently new phenomenon in my life. It all started thanks to my learning (on Twitter, of all things) about the magic of peppermint tea. How it is great for one's digestion. How it is oh so yummy.  Cut to me shopping for groceries in Publix. I'm in the tea aisle. I see a box of tea by Celestial Seasonings. It's peppermint. I deliberate for about 45 seconds and then decide, What the hell? So I buy it, I take it home, and I brew some tea. And I like it. I mean really like it.

Since then I've bought a few other flavors from Celestial Seasonings: their Sleepy Time (a chamomile mix) and a berry variety pack I've yet to try. I like how calming the act of drinking tea is. It's great right before bed, when I'm trying to unwind.
Wow, I must be really thirsty, because this is yet another beverage I'm favoriting this month. But oh wells, I am really liking sarsaparilla right now, so what can I do? Are you wondering what in blazes sarsaparilla is? Don't worry, so was I the first time I heard about it. It sounds like a made up word, or worse -- like a disease or an exotic type of dance. But it's neither (at least not last time I checked). What it is, is a type of soft drink. It tastes a bit like root beer, only sweeter. 

My boyf promises me that cowboys used to drink it. Which makes it cooler, somehow. But honestly, I think I'd like it no matter what. Cowboys or no cowboys. 

 A good brand to try is Sioux Falls. And I'm not just saying that because it has a cowboy on its logo.
Between my boyf Ricky and me, we own quite a few gaming systems: PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, XBox, DS, DS Lite ... et cetera, ad infinitum. Lately we've been buying a lot of downloadable games for the PS3. So many of them are cheap AND good, like some of my faves, Peggle and PixelJunk Monsters. My boyf introduced me to the PS3 game Shatter last month. The game is a shooter that requires precision in timing. It can be a bit unforgiving at times, but it's utterly addicting. I especially love the soundtrack by Sidhe -- it's like this techno soundscape -- all pulse and color.  Go here to see a trailer of the game and do give it a try. If you like shooters, you won't be disappointed.
Cardigans are not something you can normally wear year-round in Miami, FL. Unless you are me, who thinks 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) is freezing. There's a word for me in Spanish: friolenta. There's no perfect English equivalent, but I guess you can say it means that I get cold ridiculously easy. Something that helps me counteract my friolenta-ness is a cardigan. Lately the unseasonably cold weather in FL has got me shivering. It's been particularly bipolar lately -- 50 degrees in the morning, then 80 degrees in the afternoon. Wearing layers can get bothersome, especially when it's 80 degrees and you're dying to peel off those five thousand layers you were so grateful for in the morning, when it was still 50 degrees. Which is why wearing a cardigan is such a lovely thing. It warms you up in the AM and is easy as pie to take off in the PM. I've picked up a few darling cardigans from Old Navy recently. They are not only warm but incredibly soft as well.
After much hemming and hawing, I finally nabbed myself an iPhone (sorry to Asheyna and all other Apple naysayers ... the siren call was just too strong). It is seriously my new favorite toy. Seriously. At first, I was worried I would not be able to type on its touchable screen -- before this phone, I had the BlackBerry which is very text friendly. But to my utter delight, I have been able to text, touch, and otherwise use the touch feature of the iPhone with no difficulty.

What else do I love about the iPhone? The apps. (*cue heavenly choir of angels*) I have been in a feverish fit of app procuring ever since I got the phone last Friday. Some of my favorites include (click on the links to learn more):

Please do let me know of any cool apps I missed!

What are YOUR favorites this month?

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danielle and dinosaur toes said...

British accents are definitely better than American accents, and I love watching shows on the BBC specifically for that reason!

Also, I adore cardigans, and lucky for me, I'm always chilly which gives me an excuse to wear one almost all year long!

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Something I've relatively-recently discovered is mint yerba mate. It's really quite good, I recommend it highly. I've always been big with sweaters and so-forth, seeing as they're absolutely essential up in my territory. ^^

I've also been liking the polaroidage, too... just thought I'd say.

Meg said...

ooh! love planet earth, love mint tea (peppermint green tea is my current fave), LOVE cardigans! i'm always on the hunt for a good one :) also this month, i'm loving me some peanut butter cookies (fresh from the oven) and lots of veggies (trying some new ones, like eggplant), thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

peppermint tea is yummeh. and this sarsaparilla things seems interesting - wish they sold it in s'pore, hahah. this reminds me, i need to do my fave things post soon...

iPhone is the awesomesauce :D

JMay said...

I LOVE Planet Earth, so amazing huh?

IPhone is def. always my fav :-)

I've been obsessed w/ Dexter lately, sooo good!