10 Confessions [the books version]

I always take a book to bed with me. I can't fall asleep without at least reading a page.

I haven't read some of the "classics" such as Gulliver's Travels or Animal Farm. Even though I'm an English teacher. Even though I have a bachelor's degree in English Literature. (And soon will have a master's degree in English, too. Wheeeee!!! ... Ahem, sorry.) 

Twilight is my guilty pleasure. I honestly lost count of how many times I've reread it!

One of my pet peeves about teaching is hearing my students actually show off about the fact that they've never read an entire book. This makes me fear for the future of America...

Many of my favorite books were first picked up because I saw the film adaptation... first.

I thought it was a good idea that I picked my favorite book, The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje, as the focus of my master's thesis. However, it only made me resent the book initially, in the early stages of my thesis work. Now that the thesis has been written (huzzah!), I'm happy to say I'm back to loving the book again.

I've never read an entire novel by Stephen King. I'm too much of a chicken!

One of my favorite things about the hostessing job I had at the airport was the amount of downtime I spent reading books at the counter. I think I read a book a week on average.

I can't read a book without dogearing it.

My absolute favorite author in the world is Patrica Veryan. Her books are a mix of Regency and Georgian romance, and I used to repeatedly check them out of my local library before finally hunting them down for cheap/used on Amazon. I love her books so much, I own all of the copies I can buy in the U.S. (And best of all, they're not "bodice-rippers," but adventures with actual plot and minimal "adult themes!")

Bonus confession: I wish I lived in this room. 

Do you have any confessions you feel brave enough to share?


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danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i liked animal farm, but i think my favorite classic was lord of the flies. i loved the book, and i love the movie (both versions i've ssen). it's one i can read over and over.

i hate when i hear someone young or old brag about the fact that they hate reading and only do it when they have to, if then. i know it doesn't have to be a hobby for everyone, but i think people should be ashamed to have not read a book in its entirety!

i've never read even a page of a stephen king book, and i don't plan to. his style just isn't my thing.

a confession of mine: i think emily dickinson is one of the worst poets ever. i think her poems are useless and shouldn't be taught in school because we have far more important things to learn!

also, congrats on your thesis! i know you worked your butt off!

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Congrats again on finishing your thesis... woo!!! =D
Secondly, regarding some of the confessions:
- I need to get back into the habit of reading before bed
- I have a thing where I'm inclined to read the book version of a movie before trying to hunt down the movie. It's weird, but it works at times.
- I try not to dogear library books (yay for post-it notes!), but any book that's mine I dogear, underline, jot things down in the margins...
- That picture. Oh my God. If I had that room I doubt I'd ever leave. For serious.

Abel said...

How have you never read Animal Farm? Shame on you, you're an English teacher! It's a really good book, but, I think, only if you can draw the parallels with the Russian Revolution and you like that sort of stuff. I loved it.

I've never read a Stephen King book other than Carrie, and I've tried. But they're just too long, too dense, not my thing. Putting down Firestarter was the hardest thing because it was a good story and I was more than halfway done, but I just didn't like reading it.

I recommend Carrie, though. A short and fast read that really isn't all THAT scary and I think has a great story. Just don't skip to the movie on this one- that sucked.

Claire Kiefer said...

I've tried to read Stephen King, but have yet to finish a book. I'm not opposed to him, but I feel like you can only read so many books in your life, and I'm not yet sure if he gets to fill one of my slots. ;)

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

not reading the classics doesn't me you aren't well read! There are plenty of new classics!

Vanessa said...

Congrats again on your thesis!!!

I haven't read too many of the classics. Maybe one day. 8)