Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

It's funny -- as a teacher, I have the summers off, so it's always a bit of a surprise when Fridays roll around again. It's as if every day is Friday. But before you get too jealous, I have to report back to work on August 17. So don't hate on me too much. ;)

Since I spent all of June working on the thesis, I wasn't able to really enjoy my freedom much, but now that I'm done, Ricky and I are planning a trip somewhere. We thought of Orlando, but we hit up the theme parks too often, plus it's unbearably hot in Florida right now. So no. Instead, we are thinking of maybe going to Washington, D.C. I've never been and I have always wanted to go. It shouldn't be a very expensive trip, as all the museums are free. And I have been dying to visit museums. We don't have enough of them here in South Florida, where clubbing is the main culture (*gag*).

Wherever we go, I think I'll be happy just to get out of my hometown. That's what vacations are all about, right? I'm feeling especially cooped in today because of Tropical Storm Bonnie, who washed ashore last night and apparently plans to stay here all weekend. I see a lot of reading and movie-watching in my near future! And you know, I don't mind this all that much. :-)

Are you doing anything cool/scary/awesome this weekend? I might get together with some friends (if Bonnie lets us, that is). Whatever you do, I hope you have a great weekend! :-)

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Baby Indie said...

As a fellow teacher, I too enjoy the summers. Can't imagine avoiding work burnout with June & July. I've got 2 weeks left. Also looking foward to seeing Inception. I hope it gets under my skin like the director's previous films.

Jenny☮ said...

Eww, tropical storms.
Why do I live in Florida???
I'm going to Orlando for the week. But they say some of the wet weather is going to be hitting up there, too. Lucky me! :/
I've never been to D.C. either. Dying to go. Hopefully next year.

Happy Friday!

Claire Kiefer said...

I, too, have been pretty . . . "chill" . . . all summer, haha, as school's been out. But weekends are still fun, somehow! I'm looking forward to dinner & drinks with girlfriends tonight, followed by the Jackson Browne concert tomorrow (I am SO excited). have fun!