These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

cat naps.
I am loving cat naps this month, by which I mean both comforting little naps and sleeping with my cat. Not so much when he camps out on my feet though. Ouch. I am trying to perfect the art of sleeping just the right amount of time for a nap, because usually I wake up feeling groggy and headachey, and generally worse than before I took the nap in the first place. (Which defeats the purpose of the nap, if you ask me!) I don't think I've gotten it quite right just yet, but it seems as if I can't sleep more than 30 minutes and wake up feeling good. Anything less than that (within reason) is fine.
tide stick to go.
I have one of these little babies in my purse and it is so worth it. Every time I forget to take it, like when I'm changing purses and forget or whatever, invariably I will spill something on myself and have to walk around wearing my food all day. This product is a life saver. It removes stains very quickly with minimal effort. One of my favoritest ever things. No lie.
I kept hearing good things about this book, so I decided to pick it up. And you know? It didn't disappoint. I agree with the book's detractors that it is a bit reminiscent of the novel The Giver, but while some say this is an outright copy, I see it more as an homage. The author's voice is all her own, and it is very poetic and gripping. I won't say much about it other than it takes place in a dystopian society in which civilians are "matched" to their spouses by the government, as they are also matched to their jobs and so on and so forth. It has a girl and a boy and another boy, and it asks the question, "What if you wanted to decide your own match?" Which is a pretty interesting what if, if you ask me. It's a compelling read. And apparently there's a part two expected. Can't wait! 

sampar prodigal pen.
I forget where I first heard about this product. All I know is that it is keeping my break outs in check. Two years ago, I suddenly started getting large break outs on my cheeks and chin. I've tried everything from Noxema to Clinique, but nothing worked very well. This is one of the best products I've tried. You can roll it directly on the problem area up to five times a day (any more will unnecessarily dry out your skin), and it helps clear those problem areas right away. Plus it's so small it easily fits inside your purse or pocket. (Just like my beloved Tide stick!)

One of my friends recommended this iPhone app to me. What does it do? Well, as its website states, "Mint brings all your financial accounts together online, automatically categorizes your transactions, lets you set budgets & helps you achieve your savings goals." Best of all, it will send you alerts via your phone for things like large deposits or withdrawals, so it's a good way to keep an eye on your finances, not to mention identity theft. I've also noticed that my spending has gone down ever since I started using this site/app, which is a big win in my book (not to mention my savings account).
How do I love thee, Samosas? Let me count the ways... I love your chocolaty goodness, the way you melt inside my mouth. I love how you were the only thing my weak stomach could take while I was suffering from the flu/plague. I love your cute packaging. The only thing I don't love? That I have to wait for girl scouts to bring you to me and can't buy you whenever I please. Boo.

What are your favorites this month?
You can check out more of my favorites here.

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6 comment(s):

kate gabrielle said...

I have the same problem with naps!! I feel so lousy when I wake up again it makes me never want to take them. How do you get yourself up in a half hour? An alarm or just trying to get your body to do it on its own? I seem to nap for two hours whenever I doze off, and can't figure out how to cut it shorter.

My cat likes napping on my feet too .. I end up getting cramps in my feet but I never want to kick her off :)

Oh, and samosas... definitely the best Girl Scout Cookie! I think the chocolate mints are highly overrated! ;)

Unknown said...

when i saw the word 'samosas' i thought you were talking about Indian food. oh how i love thee, Indian samosas! although i'm sure the Girl Scout version is good, too.

.adri. said...

hmmmm I have never had a samosa.... perhaps that is a good thing lol!

Claire Kiefer said...

Tide stick is awesome. It has helped me many a time when I've had an incident with coffee or wine. Matched sounds good! I've heard some buzz about it so maybe I'll have to try it next. :) This month I've been working so much that the only thing I've stopped to notice & love is this chickpea potato curry recipe my friend emailed to me (I posted it on my blog)--it is so healthy and so yummy!

angelina la dawn said...

samosas. definitely.

Hannahkin said...

Matched! (no, i haven't read any further than when i last discussed with you. you may now rap me on the knuckles... i don't mind.) i agree with you - the language is so poetic and beautiful! and i'm not even half-way. i'm gonna call it a night now and go read some more ;)

Tide Stick To Go sounds like the thing for me! i'm a Class-A Slob.

and cat naps EXHAUST me. however, i always fall asleep on the couch when i'm reading during the day... but never when i'm reading at night, with only my lamp light on, curled up in all of my blankets. explain the logic behind THAT.

and i laugh at samosas... do you know what samoosas are? they sound so similar to samosas in name, and yet are so VERY different. and i only know samoosas... not samosas. so i was really confused by your whole section on samosas until i realised that they are cookies ;) (they ARE cookies... right..?)