We are almost in my birthday month!

On October 10th, I turn 30. Yikes. 10 years from now I'll be turning 40. Double yikes.

All of my friends who are already in their 30's tell me these are the "best" years. Hearing that is like hearing good things about a roller coaster ride I haven't gone on yet - it's the waiting I can't stand; once I'm on the ride, I'm fine.

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ElshaHawk said...

that's a great metaphor! It's kind of like waiting for a milestone birthday, though not as big as 16 or 18, :P Since the thirties are so great, I guess you should Live IT Up!

ALRO said...

I can 'one-up' ya here.
I'll be 40 next year!!! Oh woe is me.

Unknown said...

You don't look a day over twenty, Alro!