One of my coworkers introduced me to these books called PostSecret, which are collections of postcards anonymously sent that contain secrets - some of them hilarious, many of them heart-breaking, and the majority of them illuminating. The postcards are typically illustrated in a way that matches the theme of the secret, and some really beautiful ones have been sent. PostSecret began as a community project, and today there are several books published, as well as a website run by Frank Warren that is updated every Sunday with new submissions.

My coworker developed a project with her students whereby they gave her postcards containing their anonymous secrets and illustrated to match. In addition, their secret had to be written in such a way that it conveys irony.

I would like to do such a project with my students. I've got a few creative projects going on in my classes right now, so I'll wait about a month or so before I bring it up in class. But I can't wait to see how it will go - it's been going great for my friend. She's gotten some great submissions.

If you would like to learn more about PostSecret, go to Frank Warren's website:

Below I've posted a video from that website that shows you some examples of previous postsecret submissions.

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