Well, things are starting to look up, at least in the thesis department. I had thought that I'd missed the registration deadline, and was dreading to find out what would happen if I wasn't continually enrolled, but when I called yesterday to see if it was too late, they let me know that I had until 5:00 PM that same day to walk a memo over from my department (English) giving me permission to register.

Thank God Ricky was able to take me to FIU so I could do this! I don't know what I would do without him, I swear. I really need to learn how to drive ASAP.

So now I'm registered for one thesis credit, and the remaining credit will go for Spring semester, meaning I'll be graduating then, not in December. I had asked for two credits, but they wrote one credit on my form. At first I felt nothing but a surge of relief - more time to write my thesis! Then I started feeling a little disappointed - I really wanted to be done in December.

But the way I see it, that doesn't mean I can't be done in December. With the thesis, of course.

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