I can has cheezburger?

I first heard about "Lolcats" about a year ago. My boyfriend would laugh his head off at these funny pictures of cats that had amusing captions written on them, such as the ever popular: "I can has cheezburger." My curiosity was piqued, so I decided to check them out.

Where do Lolcats live? Where da cheezburgers are! There is now a website dedicated solely to Lolcat pictures: http://icanhascheezburger.com/

On this website, you can find pictures like the one below:


This picture cracks me up for some reason. :D The pictures are characterized by cats in bizarre and often humiliating poses, as well as the infamous Lolcat spelling, or should I say misspelling. Often hilarious, sometimes unexpectedly cute, this website is a must-see.

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Abel said...

Ms Simon, you've discovered one of the funniest things on the Internet! I'm glad you did, because half of our teachers don't know what we're talking about when we mention LOLcats.

By the way, you have a LOLimal in your room. The bear that says "What homework?!" Someone altered it to say "OHNOES...What homework?!"

Unknown said...

Can you guess who did that? I think you can...
(Hint: reread my post.)