Why I Write [ficlet]

Logging into ficlets today, I learned from another member, Robotech_Master, that the license for this website is due to expire on October 31st. Yikes! I cannot imagine my life without ficlets...

I wrote a poem in my sad, sad mood. :(

Why I Write
I write:
because the page is empty
because my days are full
because he forgot to call
because I met someone new
because I heard my favorite song
because I bought new shoes
because I yelled at my mother
because my mother yelled at me
because my cat curled up just so
because I caught the sunset
because these memories need a record
because my pen carries farther than my voice.

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Kevin Lawver said...

Hey, it was just the registration, which I have set to auto-renew. Just to calm everyone down, I went ahead and renewed the domain name for another year. Everyone needs to calm down. Things are a little unclear for ficlets at the moment, but I'm I'm working on it and when I have something worth sharing, I'll let everyone know.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a personal response from K-Law? Awesome. Glad to hear there's still life left in Ficlets. I haven't done anything on the site in a long time, ever since the site lost its official voice. I want to come back though, if it seems there's hope for a community renaissance.

ALRO said...

I wrote a poem myself at ficlets .. i dont' do that often...

This one is really good!!! I like..

HAHAHAHA.. KEVIN.. that's what i figured ..