On Demand

Cable companies are seldom good things, especially for their customers, but I don't have much bad to say about Comcast, mostly because of On Demand. On Demand is a service included with their plan which allows viewers to see free films and videos of various genres, as well as pay-per-view films and events such as boxing, concerts, etc. But it's really their free films that I'm a fan of. Ever since they've started this service, I haven't used Blockbuster at all, and have saved money doing so.

Today I saw two films on On Demand - Pride and Prejudice and Arabesque. The version I saw of Pride and Prejudice was the 1940 film starring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier. I could see where the most recent version of Pride and Prejudice (which I adore), starring Keira Knightley, derived much of its inspiration - I think the director most likely viewed the 1940 version, because I could see many similarities. Both are beautiful films in their own right.

Arabesque was a silly 1960's mystery caper starring Sophia Loren and her outfits. I swear, I don't even remember the actor who starred opposite her. Was it Peter O'Toole? Don't remember. All I could remember was Sophia's stunningly beautiful gowns and stylish hair style and makeup. I will definitely be taking a page out of her style book, especially when it comes to the elegant swoop of her black eyeliner and the Arabic lines of her dresses.

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