Shameless Plug: Ana Cristina's Pages

I now have three blogs, including this one and my Twilight Blog! My newest blog, Ana Cristina's Pages, features my reviews of the latest books I've read. So far I've reviewed Breaking Dawn and Watchmen.

I have big plans for my new blog - in the future, I'd like to include not just reviews, but recommendations for books and author spotlights. Who knows? Maybe I'll even get lucky and land an interview with one of my favorite authors.

To read my reviews and check out my new blog, go here. Be sure to comment me and let me know what you think! :D

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ElshaHawk said...

awesome! This is a great idea! You might make it big with this! Well, I hope my financial situation clears up too! Also, the only maternity teacher I have heard of is in a very tough school, one I'm not sure I could handle, and therefore wouldn't be asked to take the job! I'm always looking, and listening, though!