Shiny Happy Laptop

I'm getting a brand new laptop computer, just ordered it from! I never would have thought you could safely order computers online, but apparently you can. My boyf's father told me so, and when I researched it online, I was overjoyed to discover this is not only true, but also kinder to my wallet -- the laptop I'm getting, a Toshiba, is normally over $700 in stores like Best Buy and the soon-to-be-defunct (sniff, sniff) Circuit City, but I got it for $679.99. Oh, and an added bonus to ordering on Amazon -- shipping is free when you select "Super Saver Shipping." It might take a little longer, but hey, I don't mind if it means paying less! Click on the picture to learn more about my new toy.

The laptop I currently own is an Acer 3613LCi. That combination of letters and numbers might mean something to you, but it really doesn't mean anything to me.

Unless it stands for "crap."

I really shouldn't be so mean to my laptop. It's not its fault that it decides to shut down and take a nap out of nowhere just because it feels like it. It's not its fault that it runs so slow and makes the simple act of typing a document or sending an e-mail an exercise in futility and frustration. It's an old laptop and was never that fancy and advanced even in its heyday.

I will still use you, my granny laptop, even when my shiny happy new laptop arrives. I'll probably take you with me to work, where you actually look good next to my in-class computer (which is practically a contemporary of Moses).

But oh, waiting for my new computer is like waiting for Christmas to come. I can't wait! :-)

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Nancy Face said...

I'm happy for you! :)

I love shopping Amazon! Free shipping, usually no sales tax, good service...YAY!

Hannahkin said...

oooh, new laptop! funnn :) my sister is off to university in a week, so she got a Macbook. i'm jealous - it's really pretty. on the other hand, my dad just got a new laptop to replace HIS old one, so guess what i'm getting? i've been using it recently and it's highly defunct. and it doesn't like the internets... i have to bang on the keyboard in order to write ANYTHING! no wonder he's giving it to me... hee hee! :)

i love ordering things online... i'm a lazy bum :)

Unknown said...

Hooray for Amazon! And lazy bums. :D

Indyeah said...

Congratulations on the laptop!Happy Gift Unwrapping!:)