Kiss me, I'm Irish! (Okay, not really...)

"May you always walk in sunshine.
May you never want for more.
May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door."
- Traditional Irish Blessing 
pictures via we heart it

I forgot to wear green today and my students threatened to pinch me, so I quickly grabbed a green rubber band and slipped it onto my wrist. Jeez, some people sure are serious about holidays! ;)

We have no definite plans for tonight -- Ricky and I were thinking of maybe hitting up a bar or two and enjoying some Guinness, but as it's so rainy and cold and blah right now, we're not sure. Maybe we'd better bring the Guinnesss home.

Before I close, here's my all-time favorite Irish person, Bono, singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" in one of his best performances. I'll be seeing U2 in Miami this summer and I can't wait! :-)

What are you doing to celebrate? Whatever you do, I hope you have a grand time! Happy St. Patrick's Day! :-)

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{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Lets try this again... I said:

Happy St. pattys day love! hope whatever you do is fun.

Emma Jade said...

Funnily enough although england is less than an hour away from Ireland, no one really celebrates st patricks day.. I think I'm coming to america next year :)
Enjoy your glass of tar, aha

Diana said...

I'm not doing much but had Italian food with my family :) Not very in the spirit of the day, is it? :)

Jenny☮ said...

I didn't forget St. Patty's, I just simply do not like the color GREEN. Luckily, the bank I work at... well, the color is green. So i put on my name tag and avoided all pinch-stuff. :)

Melly Mel said...

oh man you got pinched??? you are so cute. i love those pictures!!!! i like that traditional irish blessing. very sweet!!!