Wishlist Wednesday!

Welcome to yet another Wishlist Wednesday! Yes, on time again. (You can remove your jaw from the floor now, Danielle. ;p)

After compiling my wishlist goodies for this week, I realized I am craving Fallesque things. I am SO happy that Autumn is finally here, you guys!

via Anthropologie (aka the price is just your right arm, no biggie)
also via Anthropologie (oh hey, I can actually afford this one...sort of.)

via Fossil (I am so lusting after this coat. even though it is still 80+ degrees here in Miami.)
via Sony (I finally narrowed my ereader choice down to the Sony touch. I can't wait to get it!)
via LA Times (oh hello, Harry Potter. I'll be visiting you VERY soon. :-D)

What are YOU wishing for this week? Let me know in the comments! And also feel free to discuss last night's episode of Glee and how awesomely awesome it was.


4 comment(s):

Jenny☮ said...

That first cardigan is AMAZING! :)

And, yes, last night's GLEE episode was fantastic! I loved how they went about the episode and Brittany can dance and sing amazingly. One of my fave episodes so far.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh geez, you did wishlist wednesday, and i decided to skip it today! now that's bad! sometimes i just don't even know what to look for (and sometimes i'm lazy).

that first cardigan would look good in my closet.

.adri. said...

Soooo...what's the difference between the Kindle and the Sony Reader???

Claire Kiefer said...

I am craving travel, travel, travel! And Christmas shopping at Union Square in San Francisco. :)