Week in Review

This week has been so crazy, I can't believe it's only been 7 days long. It began last Monday with a teacher's strike in protest over SB6. I had a tough decision to make Sunday night -- to go in to work or not to go in? I decided to go in because I didn't want my students to fall behind and also because I personally didn't think I myself was proving a point by not going in -- even though I completely and 100% back up every teacher who called in sick last Monday.

That same Monday, teachers organized a rally at Tropical Park in protest against SB6. It was amazing being there -- the energy was almost palpable, the sense of hope contagious. There were more than 6,000 teachers, students, parents, and concerned citizens there. We came out on the news and even our governor, Charlie Crist, acknowledged that he'd never seen so many people in FL organized for such a fight. He kept making comments all week like this, giving us hope... I didn't want to get my hopes up, knowing that he had until Friday to decide whether or not to veto the bill. But the more days I waited, the more optimistic I became, especially since Crist kept referring to the teachers in such a positive light.

Teachers protesting last Monday in Tropical Park, Miami against SB6.

Tuesday and Wednesday passed by in a blur -- I kept myself busy with grading and lesson planning, and by the time Thursday rolled around, I was a nervous wreck. Would he veto it or not?! He finally took all us teachers out of our misery on Thursday at noon when he gave a press conference to declare that he had decided to veto the bill. I almost cried tears of joy when I heard the news -- at last I could feel some measure of security as an educator living and working in Florida again, although I know the Florida Senate and House may very well sneak in this or a similar bill in the future. We must remain vigilant.

Thursday afternoon, I went with a friend to get mani/pedicures and then we went back to school to watch our students perform in a Fashion Show. We alternated between laughing hysterically at the sight of our students parading like peacocks across the stage (mostly the males) and feeling proud of our kids for putting on a much better show than anticipated. Great job, Hialeah High!

On Friday, Ricky and I hung out with some good friends we rarely get to see and braved the crowd (and the rain!) at a bar in Coral Gables called Novecento. It was only okay. My favorite part of Friday night was going to this amazing Chinese restaurant called Mr. Chu's that served super authentic Taiwanese dishes. I got to try fried seaweed for the first time, which I ended up loving, to my very great surprise.

Last night I had the most delicious meal I've had in a whiiiile. For dinner, Ricky took me to Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich shop. Ricky had some Italian style sub and I had a club sandwich with applewood ham. Delicious! While we were nomming on our delicious sandwiches, we noticed some fireworks outside the shop's window. They wound up being from a nearby fair in town, but personally I think they were in celebration of our awesome dinner. Seriously, I have never had a better sandwich. If you like sandwiches, run -- don't walk -- to Jimmy John's.

As if the dinner wasn't yummy enough, dessert was so good it threatened to equal, if not surpass, dinner. Ricky took me to this frozen yogurt shop called Menchie's where I had the best yogurt I've ever tasted. The cool thing about Menchie's is that you can customize your own yogurt, from the mix of yogurt flavors that you can swirl together, to the great variety of toppings that you can sprinkle on top. Oh, and they let you try the yogurt before you buy it. Amazing! Ricky had a tart yogurt swirled with a praline yogurt plus some strawberries, kiwis, and mochi balls on top, while I swirled country vanilla with praline and topped it off with walnuts, Reese's Pieces, and Twix.

Because I fail, I forgot to bring my camera last night and so I was unable to take pictures of this deliciousness. But don't worry -- that just means I'll  have to go back soon to take photographic evidence. Which my stomach appreciates muchly. ;)

On the agenda for today: dying my hair, grading a stack of essays, and cleaning my room, which looks like a tornado passed by to say hello. It's raining cats and dogs, been raining that way since I woke up a couple of hours ago, so I think I'll probably stay in today.

Here are some of my posts from this week that you may have missed, and after the jump are some pretty pictures of rain to help us remember that April showers don't have to be such a bad thing after all...

all pictures via we heart it

I hope you have a great Sunday! :-)


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.adri. said...

I believe you have an IPHONE that indeed has a CAMERA! No pictures of yumminess is UNACCEPTABLE, Annie!!!!! :o)))

Abel said...

I don't know which Jimmy John's you went to, but there's one next to the Five Guys in Pembroke, and an Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in the same shopping centre. I've been dying to go back. Too much awesome food in one place.

Jenny☮ said...

My brother's teachers were MIA on Monday. He had no idea what was going on. I had to explain it to him in "simple terms" :P Another reason to love teachers: they have worked miracles on him. Contrary to what you may think, he is not as excited about school as I always was. He somehow pulled off an honor roll report card this quarter. I nearly tackled him with excitement. My mother is sending his teachers a nice little gift in thanks. :)

Thanks for the yummy suggestion, btw. Now I must go, boyf. does not thank you. Haha.

xoxo, <3

Unknown said...

@Miss Adri: The iPhone was left behind in the car, alas. Next time I will take tons of pictures, just for you! :-)

@Abel: Yep, that was the Jimmy John's I went to. Too much awesome food in one place is right -- I kinda want to pitch a tent right in front of that shopping center... Think they'll mind?

@Jenny: Yay for your brother getting honor roll! Give him another tackle for me. :)

Annah said...

Ummmm, that yogurt sounds SO yummy! I´ve had way too much meat and ice cream here in Argentina, my pants barely fit. Can´t wait to get back home! I will try that yogurt place when I get back.