The Baroness's Request [ficlet]

Originally published on Ficlets July 11, 2008.

"The Baroness's Request"

It was a curious thing, to be in the Baroness’s chamber. The sunlight pouring through the stained-glass window was mostly obscured by her girth, and as the maid entered she blinked at the contrast between the bright hallway and this dim room, unable to see anything but spots.

“Do not step on my gown, girl.”

She quickly jumped back, her eyes adjusting in the semi-darkness.

“I’m terribly sorry, Baroness Brunhilde Upstance Von Gorgen of Upper Hawthorne.” She was breathless by the end of that recitation, and so her curtsy was a bit wobbly as a result.

“Have you sturdy walking shoes, girl?”

“Yes, madam.”

“Good. You will take this over to the next county, to Countess Von Teschen. She lives in the castle on the hill.”

The maid stepped forward gingerly, carefully avoiding the Baroness’s voluminous skirts. The Baroness handed her a slender envelope.

Just as the maid was turning to leave, the Baroness called her back.

“One last thing – you are not to speak to anyone at the castle, under any circumstances.”

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