Why I don't like the rain. [poem]

A day with no sun, only clouds,
only shadows.

I huddle under my umbrella, shivering
in the unseasonable cold.

April showers have started early this year,
and I am ill prepared for it.

The truth is, I don’t like rain unless
I am at home and preferably under the blankets.

I don’t like rain unless
there is a warm mug of tea in my hand

and a cat curled around my feet.

But it looks like I’ll have to just deal with it,
so I shrug my shoulders and soldier on,

Determined not to let my suddenly sodden state
affect my attitude.

Trying to be enthusiastic about the rain, even
looking forward to a possible rainbow.

So I pull my jacket in tighter and try to think
dry thoughts, warm thoughts.

Just as I am about to cross the street, however,
a car comes out of nowhere, too close for comfort,

and splashes me with dirty water.

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