One Wish [poem]

Originally published on Ficlets May 19, 2008.

"One Wish"

I am devastated by your beauty daily—
I wonder what it will take for you to notice me.
I hear words of reassurance from my friends, and
I see the ghost of sympathy in their eyes, but
I want nothing more than for you to see me.
I am torn asunder by your oblivion.

I pretend that I am doing all right, when in truth
I feel like I’m dying inside.
I touch the skin of my awareness just to see if I’m still there;
I worry sometimes I am starting to disappear.
I cry till my eyes are unable to tell fantasy apart from truth.
I am set adrift in the sea of your indifference.

I understand you belong to another and are not meant for me.
I say things are for the best, but my heart belies my words.
I dream of you nightly, still devastated by your beauty.
I try to find beauty in other things, other faces, but still
I hope someday you will realize what could have been:
I am buoyed by this single hope, this one wish.

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