Ms. Pacman Goes In For The Kill. [ficlet]

I was sick and tired of eating these never-ending dots, but I knew this was the only way to get out of here and catch up to him. My ex-husband, AKA , Mr. Pac-Man, still owed me child support and I was going to find him and make him pay, even if it meant having to go through a hundred more of these mazes.

I weaved in and out of the maze, searching in vain for the last large dot or any more bouncing fruit. I’d finally figured out the pattern – each maze had four large dots that allowed me to eat those four ghosts that were chasing me for some reason, but unfortunately, it didn’t eliminate them for good. Whatever power those large dots gave me, it wasn’t permanent.

As I turned a sharp corner, I heard the maniacal laughter of one of the four ghosts. She was right behind me. It was the orange one, the one who called herself “Sue.”

“You’ll never escape me!” She screeched. Uh-oh. But wait, there was a large dot to my right! I quickly ate it.

Sue was instantly turned into a blue wraith. I went in for the kill.

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