Feeling Blah

I woke up feeling blah. I know it's partly because of Andres, quien viene cada mes, (ladies, I know you understood that, even if you don't speak Spanish!), but it also has to do with the fact that my vacation is running out. Le sigh!

I have a veritable Mount Everest of papers to grade, upon which I will get started shortly. I still need to research some more laptops, as I am looking into getting a new one sometime this week. PLUS, I need to find me an outfit for New Year's Eve. There are simply not enough hours in the day.

I've spent entirely too much time today on Protagonize. But at least I've been promoted to rank 3, which is inexplicably called "Daredevil." And even more inexplicably, I'm now ranked in the top 50, standing (surprised) at 32. I don't know how I got that, and I'm bemused as heck, but also happy.

Oh well, back to the world outside my computer! Time to do some groceries and then begin my long, weary climb up Mount Everest.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ana - if you take a look at our FAQ, it lists all the poster ranks. We have a solid theme going on through them all, kinda related to the addventure concept. :) Clicking on your rank title on your profile page will show you the entire list.

As for the top 50, it's calculated every hour and it's based on your rating, assuming you've got more than 20 or so ratings (varies.) The top 10 get a special icon too, as do the weekly featured authors.

Glad you're enjoying the site!

- nick / protagonize

Unknown said...

Awesome, so I'm a daredevil on an addventure! Too cool. Thanks for the explanation, Nick!

Jenny☮ said...

At least I am not to blame for this year's Mt. Everest. :)

My Castle in Spain said...

Hi Ana Cristina,

i smiled all along while reading your comment about the Andalusian way of life.
as you know, procrastination also has its drawbacks!

wish you a very good day and please do take some time to find the dress of your dreams for New Year's eve...
after all, this, too is important!

sending you warm wishes from Spain..

Hannahkin said...

eek! just another reason i refuse to even think about going into a career involving education - you come home from work and have more work to do! (ie, climb Mount Everest) props to you, and i hope you get through it all!

you'd better post some photos of you in your amazing New Years outfit, mmkay? i'm not partying it up this year, so i'll be wearing normal clothes. too bad - i'd love an excuse for a new dress! :)

cool about the Protagonize, too. sounds and looks fuuuun! and of course you're ranked already.... your writing is FABULOUS! :)

Nancy Face said...

Dress warm! Mount Everest gets really cold! ;)