O Christmas Tree...

So I decided to get a Christmas tree for my classroom. Yes, in the last week before Winter Break. You see, I had come up with this most awesome idea weeks ago. Procrastination and laziness being what they are (not to mention the rising cost of real Christmas trees), this did not happen in a timely manner. Clearly. So I was in my favoritest store, Target, with Ricky over the weekend bemoaning to him about how my students had been bringing in ornaments and looking pointedly in the (bare) corner where said tree was supposed to be, wondering aloud where they should hang their ornaments. After hearing my sob story, Ricky turned to me and said, "So why don't you just get a fake tree? It's probably cheaper."

... (<--- That was my reaction.)

Sure enough, an artificial Christmas tree of six feet would only cost me $19.99 at Target, whereas a real tree of the same height would cost me $4,533.99. That, plus my first-born child. You can see what a difficult decision I had to make.

Flash forward to Monday. I arrive to work with plastic tree tucked snugly into its packaging, waiting for my student aide to help me assemble it. Yes, apparently, fake plastic trees need to be assembled. At first, I was dubious about the tree. It was really skinny. Like fashion-model-living-on-crackers-and-air skinny. But we persevered, my student-aide and I, and we decorated it with ornaments and tinsel and all sorts of shiny, happy stuff. This is the end result:

(Note the lonely copy of New Moon sitting on the book shelf to the left of the tree. All the Twilight books are routinely checked out by students. For whatever reason, New Moon seems to be the least popular.)

Yes, I know. It does not look like it's 6 feet. But I assure you it is. I am 5-9 and it is taller than me. Skinnier, too, which is giving me a bit of a complex, but there you are. So long as the kids are happy.

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Hannahkin said...

that is, indeed, a cool Christmas tree. really. even though it's fake.

when i'm at home, my family always gets a little indigenous tree to decorate... never looks as cool as those big pine trees, but my dad's big into conservation and stuff. however, since we're away for the holidays, we have to deal with what my Gramma has up.. which is 3 little fake trees. they're still cute, though ;)

did your students appreciate your efforts? what grade do you teach?

Unknown said...

I teach 11th and 12th English. And they certainly did appreciate it! They're great kids. :D

Busy Bee Lauren said...

It is so darling! I looooove it. And it is true...real trees cost an arm and a leg...and as you said, your first born child. Looved that.

Ok, so I might be weird, but I am starting to like New Moon the best?

Unknown said...

Well, I'm excited to reread NM. I am almost done with Twilight, so that's next. I'll let you know how I feel about it when I finish it (again).

Nancy Face said...

Gee, those real trees are getting expensive! ;)

We use a fake tree that my sister-in-law gave me around the time that Lauren was born. No joke! Lauren snickers when we put it up each year because she says it looks "bulbous." Her big brother Ty just plain makes fun of it. Little brother Zach loves it, and so do I!

It's AWESOME that you put a tree up in your classroom! :)