An Open Love Letter [ficlet]

What was life like before you existed for me?

I cannot remember what life was like before you entered mine. Wait, that’s a lie – I just don’t like remembering. I don’t like to remember what it was like not having you be the first and the last person I speak to everyday. Life is so much fuller, so much brighter and more alive to me now that you are a part of it.

I believe this: love is the ability to take the most minute detail of our lover – the color of his eyelashes, his favorite song – and make it essential. And here is the most amazing thing – every day I learn something new about you. You are an eternal mystery for me, one which I delight in unraveling every day.

One of the greatest revelations of life is realizing that we never truly get to know 100% about someone, even ourselves. Life is a process. And so is love. Love is an action, not a statement. It isn’t a thing, it’s being.

Love is knowing that I exist for someone else, too, and what is more – that my existence matters.

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