The Creation [ficlet]

I am not alive to you, not yet. Inside this cage of flesh and blood I wait. I am patient and know that my time will come. But sometimes the waiting is hard, especially when you are with her.

-Mandy, do you realize that this…this creation will change the face of science as we know it?
-Yes, but will she have emotions, a personality? A soul? Is she really human?

If my mouth could talk, I would show her the full force of my personality, just how human I am. But there is a tube in my mouth that is pumping oxygen into my lungs, and I am unable to speak.

-I just think this is wrong, David.
-I don’t know, I just do.

She leaves and we are left alone. Finally. He approaches me and fiddles with some of the tubes. Along with the one pumping oxygen, I have tubes running into my head and heart. Staring at his bent head, I long to stroke his raven hair.

Suddenly, I feel a tear escape my right eye. Looking up, he notices it and stills, his green eyes wide and staring.

-Are … Are you awake?

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