Vampire Tête-à-Tête [poem]

She was preternaturally lovely, her cheekbones seemingly etched out of marble, her eyes so dark it was like staring into a well. She always wore her hair in a chignon, and so I could only imagine what those raven tresses would look like once they were let loose. Would her hair be straight as silk? Or would her midnight locks twine their way past her shoulders like snakes? I was eager to find out. Tonight I would get my answer.

She worked the night shift, when most students went home and the library was at less than half capacity. Of course I didn’t really come here to study. I came here for her.

I waited until all of the other students left until I made my move. I went up to her and before she could do anything, I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her full on the mouth. She responded by caressing my neck with her lips. All of a sudden I felt a tiny pinprick. I recoiled.

“You’re a vampire, too!” I cried out.

She smiled, her fangs gleaming in the fluorescent lamplights. “It takes one to know one, honey.”

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