One Lost Bikini Top [ficlet]

The waves were rough that morning, the wind whipping them into a froth. The girl pulled the curtain aside impatiently, frowning when she saw the dark clouds on the horizon.

“Don’t even think about going swimming today, m’ija! “

The girl hesitated at the window before moving the curtain back. Something below caught her attention. Her shoulders stiffened as she saw the object of her attention walking towards the shoreline with his surfboard in tow. There was a gaggle of girls following in his wake, all simpering stupidity in their neon print bikinis.

She waited until her mother went down to the lobby before she made her escape. Down at the shore, she caught up with him.

“Hey, did you come for a surfing lesson, too?” He grinned. The other girls shot daggers at her with their eyes.

Ignoring them, she tightened the strings holding up her bikini and smiled at him. “Only if you’re teaching.”

The truth was that she was inexperienced at flirting and even worse at surfing. The proof? One lost bikini top.

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