The Wisdom of Ten Year Olds [ficlets]

On Valentine’s Day Holly got up extra early to prepare. Instead of her usual ponytail, she pulled her hair into an elaborate braid, even twining festive red ribbons into the plait. She wanted to look pretty because she knew, with the wisdom that comes with ten years of existence, that looking pretty gives you an edge. And she needed that edge today, because today was the day she was going to declare her true love to Jimmy Gonzalez.

During homeroom, Holly walked right up to Jimmy and handed him a card. It read: “Dear Jimmy I like you alot. I hope you like me to. Luv Holly.” She waited expectantly for him to open it. After he read it, he exclaimed: “I don’t like you, Holly! What gave you that idea? Gross!” The whole class erupted in laughter.

Holly ran out of the room, red ribbons trailing behind her. Ms. Johnson caught up with her outside.

“There, there,” she soothed the distraught girl. “Boys will be boys.

“Then I’m never going to like another boy again as long as I live!” Holly declared indignantly.

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